Hello, you lovely lot... 

Finding a routine that works for you can be extremely overwhelming and difficult due to the plethora of skincare out there.
This is why I chose to become a non-branded affiliated facialist. 

I create bespoke facial treatments, and skincare programmes through my extensive product knowledge and intuitive approach to skin.  

Facial massage has always been the main part of my facials due to how powerful it can be. It is literally a work out for your face. An overused line, I know, but it really is.
The pandemic really pushed me to create something interactive which would help my clients to prioritising self-care at home, through this somewhat lonely time.
Doing a weekly guided facial massage just made sense to me. I use my social platform to promote facial massage anyway so why not make it interactive! 

If you struggle with your skin and not knowing what works for you, then I look forward to meeting you very soon... x