I find that I speak about the skin in a very spiritualistic way and I guess that's because I do have a deep and meaningful connection to it. It's an indicator of inner and outer wellbeing and I have always found it hugely fascinating.
My curiosity towards my own skin gradually became my career.

Typically, having gone through a lot of skin ups and downs (eczema, acne, rosacea) I did at one point strive for perfect skin. Imperfections would become all-consuming, and of course with that grew more insecurities. Life taught me that balance, simplicity, and acceptance of myself, is where my (and most people's) happiness lies. The same with my skin. 

My ethos is 'Treat your skin as an extension of your wellbeing'. Exercise it. Nourish it. Listen to it. Treat it. Condition it. When you choose me as your faciailst I will always treat your skin intuitively and with intention, meaning that every treatment will be different depending on what I understand to be you and your skin's needs in that moment.
Through the course of my 10 year career in skin I have found my way to becoming a non-brand affiliated facialist, and skin specialist. Based on the last 3 years alone I have typed up over 200 skincare programmes, created Guided Facial Massage over zoom in the pandemic (seeing between 60 - 100 people every Thursday), created FACESPACE (my Glasgow clinic) and moved to London with a waiting list of 100 people. I feel honoured to be trusted by so many of you and incredibly overwhelmed by the rollercoaster of the last 3 years. I can't thank my clients enough for their support. 

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